How to bring  the bohemian style into your home dècor

How to bring the bohemian style into your home dècor

Posted by A.V. on 16th Jul 2017

The bohemian decor interior design has been in for a few years now. In a global world, combining the best of different cultures has made this style one that uses the mix and match as a creative approach to decoration. Many ethnic patterns, warmth, different colors combined and a natural touch, create this unconventional, mysterious, interesting and artistic look that speaks to our most bohemian side.

There are a few items and ideas you can pay attention to so you can include in your decoration and bring the bohemian dècor style to it. Here are a few of them:

  1. Natural look:

The bohemian dècor usually involves a great respect and connection to nature without leaving behind the urban style. A natural touch is always welcome to any bohemian room, as it brings some of the easy going and wild characteristics of nature. It can also be used to soften darkness and obscure atmosphere that the color-combination of the bohemian style also involves. Some of the possibilities to include nature is to integrate plants, flowers, and wood elements in the space to style.

Photo by Style Caster

2. Ethnic

The bohemian look includes the unconventional and mystery of different and new cultures. Eastern patterns including designs from Morocco, Afghan, India but even more, the combinations of different patterns from different cultures, are nowadays what we associate with boho the most.

  • Textiles: To include the ethnicity in the bohemian dècor, you can take a look and include printed textiles like rugs, tapestries, blankets and cushions.

Photo by: zola decor

  • Mandalas and dream catchers: Also, mandalas and dream catchers, are part of the symbols used to bring the ethnicity to your dècor. A mandala can be any pattern that is created in a circle, so don’t be afraid to create your own design!

Photo by: Boho Collective

  • Ornaments: choosing your ornaments according to this include thinking about your vases, lamps, lanterns, holders inspired in designs that come from other cultures. Take a look at some of our lanterns.

3. Textures: 

Thinking bohemian, usually includes textures in the decoration. Blankets, tapestries, covers, rugs, that are either with an ethnic pattern or that have a texture such as knitted textiles of furry ones. Combinations of styles are welcome too, so don’t hesitate to take risks!

Photo by: Decoholic

Photo by: Ibiza Boho Girl

4. Warmth: the bohemian look always gives a sensation of warmth and coziness. Opposite to minimalism and to the simplistic decoration, bohemian is not afraid of being a bit baroque. To create this warmth, two different topics must be taken into consideration:

  • Lighting: it can be distributed in various lamps and candles and it is better when it is more yellowish. Also, using string lights can help create that cozyness for the room that you want to decorate. Make sure to buy colorful candles that match the style, preferably with a rustic finishing that adds a bit of the natural spirit to the dècor. 

Photo by: Ibiza Boho Girl

  • Color palette: matte colors are the best for this style. The color combinations vary but usually include darker tones of different colors. Usually, magenta, sun yellow, brown, olive green and turquoise are included as part of the palette. But trying different combinations, including other colors work, as long as we use many colors and usually on that darker tone that brings the mystery in.